Announcement on WM Motor Purchase Channels

Corporate News | 2020-09-06

Dear WM users,

As the global auto market gradually shakes off the?coronavirus gloom, WM Motor has continued its strong growth momentum as one of the?"top intelligent vehicle players". Since the start of delivery in September 2018, we have been spearheading?the emerging EV start-ups?in China. At the same time, relying on the big data platforms and digital store services, WM Motor has been optimizing its channel strategy with innovative thinking to empower the new retail model, comprehensively promoting its plan to build digital stores in 100+ cities and expanding its coverage of users nationwide.

However, it is found recently that third-party illegal agencies have been inducing customers to buy WM Motor products at abnormally low prices and through informal channels in order to reap profits. This has caused great loss of interest to some customers and, as in Chengdu's recent case of second-hand landlord fleeing, once again sounded the alarm for consumers.

"Customer First" is the tenet of WM Motor all the time. To guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of users and their information security, we hereby solemnly remind all to refrain from any kinds of unofficial purchases for your own benefit. Effective immediately, we will step up the fight against third-party fraud violations. Please stay alert to advertising scams like "super low price", otherwise you may suffer unnecessary losses or even fail to enjoy the original rights and benefits as a WM user. Once again, we would like to remind and reiterate that any property damage caused by purchasing through unofficial channels shall be borne by the customer himself/herself.

Please be sure to purchase through WM Motor's official authorized channels. If you have any questions, please feel free to?contact us at the official customer service number 400-699-9666 or our official website for related inquiries.

Thank you for your continued support.

WM Motor (Shanghai)

September 6, 2020

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